All-On-4 also known as the “teeth in a day” treatment, allows our team of doctors and restorative dentists to full restore your smile within a few days.

An alternative to dentures, the All-On-4™ procedure is an effective option for treating total tooth loss. This treatment uses a permanent replacement for either the upper and lower dental arches (or one jaw at a time) by using four to six dental implants and a fixed denture prosthesis / bridge.

The benefits of the All-On-4™ procedure –

The benefits of the All-On-4™ procedure –

  • Provides stability even with reduced bone volume
  • Has good clinical results
  • Has prosthetic flexibility
  • Allows for increased chewing efficiency

Often with total tooth loss patients will have experienced some form of bone loss, which will require a bone graft technique in order to restore the bone and allow the implants to have a sufficient anchor-point. Our doctors will be able to assess your dental condition and inform you as to whether you will require a bone augmentation prior to any implant surgery.

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